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Engage members and grow your credit union with a personalized touch.

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A.I Credit Counseling

Personalized for Each Member
  • Whether the member’s goal is to qualify for a mortgage or achieve a 700 credit score, counseling is personalized for them.
  • Each path is unique based on the members credit profile, financials, timeline, and goals!
Your members need TOOLS, NOT TIPS!
  • People are over-advised and underequipped.
  • Offer a full suite of tools and features designed to improve credit scores.
Stay connected and build relationships.
  • Gain transparency and celebrate progress.
  • Accompany their journey! Know when they get a raise at work or reduce their debt, so you’re ready to help.

Grow loans: Say YES more often.

Security and confidence Credit Mountain
Make a “Warm Decline.”
  • Offer transparency and a path to approval.
Security and confidence Credit Mountain
Make the right offer at the right time.
  • No more mass mail that MISSES the mark!
  • Know when your members get a raise or a high-interest loan with the wrong lender.
  • Based on real-time financial and credit data.
Getting a loan approved Credit Mountain

Acquire new members

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Community Development
  • Add value immediately by offering accessible credit counseling.
  • Build relationships and your brand! Gather data to understand how to better serve your community.
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Help prospective members become creditworthy.
  • Provide personalized guidance and tools that prepare people to apply at your CU.
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Power your CU’s commitment.
Help declined borrowers and underserved community members map a path to reach  their goals… at your CU!

The Product

Your brand. Your products. Your credit union.
No two plans are alike.
Track progress. Send offers.

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Discover a better way to improve credit scores.

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